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DSI staff

Located in offices throughout the United States and in Great Britain, DSI's dedicated team of professionals is second to none. Rich in educational and professional diversity, and demonstrating a remarkable depth and breadth of experience, the DSI team provides not only technical expertise, but also the flexibility and innovation necessary to deal with the unique circumstances each case invariably presents.

William A. Brandt, Jr.   Extended Bio            
Fred C. Caruso    
Frederick R. Reed (1948-2007)   Obituary            
Patrick J. O'Malley    
Bradley D. Sharp    
Joseph J. Luzinski    
Mark Manski    
Steven L. Victor   Extended Bio            
Robert B. Weiss    
Geoffrey L. Berman    
A. Kyle Everett    
John C. Wheeler    
R. Brian Calvert   Extended Bio            
Daniel J. Stermer    
Elizabeth M. Lynch    
George E. Shoup III    
Eric R. Sweitzer    
Yale S. Bogen    
William G. Brandt    
Jill E. Costie    
Shelly L. Cuff    
Edward Dean    
Christine C. DePaul    
Matthew E. Farnsworth    
Sean L. Farrell    
John B. Filan    
Jeffrey S. Gasbarra     
Eric Held    
Tania L. Kingsbury    
Matthew P. Sorenson    
Wolfgang Tsoutsouris    
Paul G. Vallas    
Joseph Zagajeski    


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